What We Do

we get outdoors


 Montana Access Project believes everyone needs a place to experience nature every day--to put a fly in the water, take a spin on a bike at lunch or just to take in the quiet of nature. But it's a challenge to create and maintain those special frontcountry places--especially when starting at square one and especially in smaller communities. 

MAP makes it easier.   We put our expertise to work with community-based organizations, businesses and public agencies to create, protect and enhance frontcountry outdoor recreation opportunities at the heart of Montana's way of life.  From thinking to doing, from simple to complex, we know what it takes to get nature based recreation on the ground that is built to last.

our approach


 Montana Access Project brings together an on-demand team of experts that "gets outdoors" in the mountain west. MAP offers

the practical know-how that public and private land managers, communities, businesses and community organizations need to create, protect and enhance successful outdoor recreation experiences from the "frontcountry" to the backcountry. 

Our Expertise


The MAP team provides customized tools, trainings, and one-on-one assistance to community projects, small and large, in the areas of:

 outdoor recreation planning, design and construction, volunteer programs, land authorizations (lease, license, easement), public private partnerships, operations and maintenance, risk management, policy, and community engagement.


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