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What you might have missed:


  • Places to get outdoors are at the heart of Montana’s outdoor recreation economy and way of life.  Outdoor recreation in Montana generates $7.1 billion dollars and constitutes 5.1% of the gross domestic product


  • Passage of the GAOA is a game-changer for frontcountry parks, trails, and outdoor recreation access on federal, state, local, and private lands by increasing available funds available planning, acquisition, and development of places to get outdoors.


  • Montana’s Federal agencies will benefit through National Parks and Federal and LWCF federal $1.9 billion annually for 5 years to address the National Park infrastructure backlog and other federal recreation facilities AND increased funding for LWCF.


  • Montana’s State, local, and tribes will benefit may see $3 million per year, a 54% increase from last year, year after year for state and locally sponsored parks, trails fishing/hunting access, boating and camping projects, and the facilities that support those uses.


  • LWCF stateside is a reimbursement grant program for state, local and tribal agencies which requires a 50/50 match which can be a combination of cash and in-kind contributions.  Fact Sheet for Community Grants program.  Successful projects should be a high priority in SCORP, have partnerships, plans, and cash/in-kind funding in place.


  • LWCF stateside is administered by Montana FWP. In the past, the application process opens in November and closes in February.

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